Namasté, I am Caro an I my vision is to help you to stay connected to your Heart all day long.

This is why I created Yoganic Lifewear - the clothing brand for Body, Spirit & Soul.


Since I was a little child I felt that there is something really deep to discover in life. I felt there is something precious inside me. Something everyone of us has. When I grew up I lost the connection to my Heart until my mother gave me the book The Law of Attraction . This was when my journey back to Heart started. 


About ten years ago I started doing Yoga and found a way to connect Body and Soul again.  Yoga really helps me getting connected to my Heart again. But back in my everyday routine life I really found it hard to keep this deep connection I had when doing Yoga.  


stay connected to your heart


Ever since I have been thinking about a way to stay connected to my Heart as long as possible also after my Yoga Sessions. A really challenging thing in the everyday life when you have to go to your job where you are surrounded by mostly low energy people.


So I was seeking for something that reminds me in my everyday life that I am a divine being. I asked for guidance and was inspired to combine my spiritual growth with my love for clothes. I founded YOGANIC LIFEWEAR in July 2017 when I started blogging about my journey to the Heart on


The 12-petalled lotus flower symbolizes the heart chakra. Wearing  a piece of YOGANIC LIFEWEAR

reminds you of your inner power, the certain something inside of you.  That you are connected to your Heart and the Universe.


All designs are made by me, my drawing pad and photoshop.



I created YOGANIC LIFEWEAR in a way that you can wear it both at yoga class and in your private time. 


To give you and me a reminder that helps you staying connected to your Heart is my way to contribute to make the world a better place.  As a former Fashion Designer I am really grateful I can connect my knowledge and my passion.


fair & organic?


You may think is this now all fair and organic? Yes, parts of the shirts are made from organic cotton. I would love to provide you from the start a fully 100% fair and organic certified brand - but guys this is impossible when starting a brand from the scratch. It would mean that I need to produce 300 pcs/style/color and store them somewhere. And I don't have that money right now. But I promise as soon as Yoganic Lifewear is growing I will head over my production to Sekem, a 100% fully fair producer.  And for the start I am sure the universe will turn a blind eye on it. I mean we are spreading the words, right? So everyone starts small and so do I.  And I know you understand and help me and yourself grow.


Thank you so much for letting your soul sparkle


Namasté, Caro